The History of HDE Home Care


In this podcast episode, Lexi Zia interviews Donny Bradetich, the founder of HDE Home Care, to learn about the history of his company.  Donny discusses the motivation to start his business in 2009, challenges he faced in the early days of the business, and how he overcame them by building a strong team and focusing on providing high-quality care to clients. Donny also talks about the growth of the company over the years and how HDE Home Care has become a trusted provider of home care services in the community. Listeners will gain insight into the entrepreneurial journey of Donny and the values that drive his company’s success.

Throughout America, many seniors and boomers are seeking assistance around the home.  Millions of developmentally disabled people also need a little extra help with daily life activities.  Baby Boomers Radio is bringing these stories to our network to help people know there are service opportunities for anyone who needs the help.

HDE Home Care provides job training and in-home caregiving services for the Portland Oregon metro area.  HDE has joined the Baby Boomers Radio network to share their story with our listeners.

To learn more about HDE Home Care, please visit or call (503) 686-9079.  

If you hear about a service offered through HDE Home Care, but don’t live in or around the Portland Metro area, then reach out to us here at Baby Boomers Radio and we’ll try to help get you connected with a local resource.  Email

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