About The Owner

Upon my arrival to the Portland area in 2009, I sought out to start a home care agency that would reflect who I am. Lucky for me, I am part of a family with great character, love for each other, and experience in healthcare and business. Couple those things with the great relationships I have with the eldest generation in my family and home care has naturally been a perfect fit for me since I started in the industry in 2007 in Olympia, WA.

As with any venture there were challenges to get things up and running, especially having moved from out of the area. To overcome these challenges I leaned on those closest to me using their knowledge and life experiences. The result was, and still is today, a positive impact on HDE Home Care. To name a few examples: I have grandparents who lived out a full life having gone through a decline, terminal diagnosis, hospice, and the death and dying process; there are multiple nurses in my family who had an impact on the clinical development of HDE; there are a few entrepreneurs in my family, no doubt that is where I inherited the courage to start the company; and last but not least, the name HDE is a tribute to my grandfather.

What I enjoy most about this industry is setting up a great match between caregiver and client. It is not always easy to welcome outside help in your home, but if we provide the right caregiver then it will be the next best thing to family helping out.

It has been a pleasure to serve the Portland area and beyond since our initial licensure in May of 2010. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our story. We look forward to serving you!