Success Stories with HDE – Jeffrey’s Story


HDE Home Care is a family-run business committed to assisting individuals with disabilities, spanning all ages, in their day-to-day lives at home and within the community. In a recent podcast episode, they featured a conversation with Caolán Conry, an esteemed job coach at HDE Home Care. Caolán narrated a triumphant journey with his client, Jeffrey.

With over a year’s tenure at HDE Home Care, Caolán’s initial role was that of a job coach. In this capacity, he has been mentoring Jeffrey, a track 3 client with intensive support needs. Jeffrey’s current role is as a house person at the Residence Inn, and he’s exhibited commendable growth in the past year.

At the onset, Jeffrey faced hurdles in managing his responsibilities. Yet, under Caolán’s dedicated guidance, he elevated his performance—mastering chores like vacuuming and sanitation. Caolán praised Jeffrey’s unwavering commitment and his ability to align with work standards and societal etiquettes.

The podcast underscored the pivotal role of job coaching for those with disabilities. Such services are instrumental in ensuring they retain their jobs and flourish in professional settings. Caolán underscored the indispensable traits of empathy and comprehension in this domain and beckoned those new to the sector to acquaint themselves with the extensive disability support framework.

In a heartwarming update, the episode revealed that Jeffrey accomplished a milestone from his Individual Service Plan by journeying to California to reunite with family. Although he confronted obstacles, including a hospital stay, Jeffrey’s resolute spirit saw him eagerly resuming work.

Overall, the episode illuminated the transformative potential of job coaching and disability support, enabling those with disabilities to lead enriched lives and sustain professional engagements.

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