Interview With Ryan McFallo


In this podcast episode, host Eli Plouff interviews Ryan McFallo, the job development manager of HDE Homecare. Ryan shares his journey from his first job at Regal Cinemas to his current role. He talks about his initial work in graphic design and his transition to social work, driven by a desire to help people. Ryan’s experience includes working in a sheltered workshop for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, where he contributed to various programs and advocated for fair wages. He then briefly entered the family business and started a transportation company before returning to social work. Ryan discusses the challenges and rewards of his career, emphasizing the importance of job satisfaction and team dynamics. The episode concludes with a reflection on Ryan’s impact and the growth of his department at HDE Homecare.

Important Themes in the discussion:

#CareerTransition – Reflecting Ryan’s shift from graphic design to social work.

#SocialWork – Highlighting the focus on Ryan’s current role and his dedication to helping people.

#JobSatisfaction – Emphasizing the importance of finding fulfillment in one’s career, as discussed by Ryan.

#TeamDynamics – Capturing the conversation about the significance of working dynamics and team relationships in a job.

#Advocacy – Representing Ryan’s work in advocating for fair wages and better conditions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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