A Caregiving Story From The Field About Jim & Deborah


Caregiving is just as much to do about the relationship as it is about taking care of our patient. This morning as I awoke to the perfect sunrise casting its beams across by backyard, I sat with my coffee watching the birds and thinking about work. This is a story about Jim.

Jim was a great man, and I got to help him with his meals two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.  While Jim ate, I would tidy up around the house.  I noticed Jim wasn’t eating much of his meal; so one particular morning I paid special attention to why. Jim was lonely and wanted company while he ate, so I sat with Jim and he ate his meal while we talked about his life.  Jim shared stories about him and his late wife…their hopes and dreams…their life together—All while we watched the birds play in his backyard through his sliding glass door.

I learned with Jim that caregiving is about caring first and then the giving is natural.  Sitting on my porch watching the birds dance about in my garden, I am reminded of how important time is to those we care for. I also remember with each story how lucky I am to get to experience life through the eyes of my clients. I smile and enjoy the sunrise and the memories.  Thank you Jim.

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